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About Us,,, and are websites owned by Q Money Financial Consultants Limited.

Q money are Financial Consultants to individuals and businesses who require a financial plan. Our Consultants have more than fifty years ‘experience in assisting people, families and businesses with their financial plans.

Whether its people starting out in their working life, starting a business or considering retirement,

Q money will provide you with the professional advice you need to look at all your options in a structured and organized manner. 

Q money will provide the platform of planning you require to reach your life goals. So, whether it’s referral to a Regulated Pension Provider, Accountants, Lawyers or overseas Professionals agents,

Q money are your one-stop-shop for considering, comparing and costing the financial options available to you in Ireland and Europe. 

Q Money have established partnerships and service agreements with regulated Brokers, Accountants, Pension Trustees and Lawyers in Ireland, U.K, Malta and Portugal, so we can tailor your personal Financial Plan, Business Exit or retirement, to suit your needs and follow your dreams.

We match your Financial Plan with your business-exit or retirement aspirations. Our experienced Advisors will examine the financial, legal and tax aspects of your situation and design the optimum personal model for you, your family and your business.

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